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IIT Kharagpur signs MoU with Uneverse Mobility

The team of researchers lead by Prof. Amreesh Chandra has taken the Na-ion based battery research to new heights. Recently, IIT Kharagpur has signed MoU with Uneverse Mobility (a Kolkata based startup) for commercialisation of Na ion based batteries. Click here to read more.

Upcoming 2nd International conference "Supercapacitors and Batteries India - Conference 2024"

The 2nd international conference "Supercaps & Batteries - India" will be held at IIT Kharagpur from November 20-23, 2024. Please regularly visit the conference website for more updates. Click here to go to conference website.


Dr. Debabrata Mandal successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. 

On 16th November 2022 Dr. Debabrata Mandal successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Pseudo Two Dimensional Nano-Structures of Cerium Based Oxides for Energy Applications". The defence viva was conducted by Prof. Somnath C Roy from IIT Madras along with the DSC members. 

We focuses on tuning nanostructures for energy applications ranging from storage to catalysis. It is now clear that hierarchical structures are essential to bring step change in devices for use in applications mentioned earlier. we have been working on the establishing protocols for the stabilization of hollow nanostructures. Such structures, with pronounced surface area, can even be formed at room temperature, which make them industrially viable. The hollow structures have been showing far superior catalytic, storage or even electro-magnetic shielding response, when compared with their solid counter parts. 

The research group is fully equipped to carry out the research with funding available from DST (India), MPG (Germany), UKIERI (UK), BRNS (India), SRIC (IIT Kharagpur), etc.

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