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Organized by Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory,
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal

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About the conference

The 1st international conference "Supercaps & Batteries - India" will be held at IIT Kharagpur from March 28-30, 2022. The conference is being organized by the Department of Physics @ IIT Kharagpur, which is amongst the oldest Physics Department in India.

At present, we are hoping that the situation will improve and holding the conference would be possible in hybrid mode i.e. 50% offline and 50% online. If the situation remains unfavourable for travel then the conference will be organized in 100% ONLINE mode.

With the fast-growing realization of the fact that storage technologies would be an integral part of the renewable-based energy landscape of the future, it is imperative that researchers working in this area come together, deliberate and set the tone for future activities in the field of two most prominent energy storage systems i.e. supercapacitors and batteries.


The conference will have dedicated sessions on the broad topics mentioned below:

1. Anode Materials - From Bulk to Nanostructures

2. Cathode Materials - From Metal oxides to MXenes

3. Ion Conducting Membrane and Separators

4. Electrolytes

5. Supercapacitors - EDLC to Hybrid Devices

6. Batteries - Li-ion and beyond...

7. Modelling, Simulations, Thermal and Battery Management Systems

8. Energy Policies & LCA Studies

9. Fabrication and Industrial Applications

There would be Plenary and Invited Talks as well as Contributory - Oral and Poster Presentations by scientists working in these areas.


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