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Organized by Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory, Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal


About the conference

Following a very successful 1st event of the series conference on "Supercaps & Batteries - India", we are happy to announce the details of the 2nd event. Just like the 1st, the 2nd conference will also be held at IIT Kharagpur. The conference will be held in the offline mode with more than 400 expected number of participants from India and abroad. 

The theme of the conference will continue to broadly focus on the energy storage technologies, which would be an integral part of the renewable-based energy landscape of the future. The energy storage technologies are mostly classified under the broad heading of electrical, mechanical, chemical or thermal type. In addition to focusing on the two most prominent electrical type storage systems viz., supercapacitors and batteries, there would be a few sessions dealing with chemical, thermal and mechanical type storage technologies. 


The conference will have dedicated sessions on the broad topics mentioned below:

1. Anode Materials - From Bulk to Nanostructures

2. Cathode Materials - From Metal oxides to MXenes

3. Ion Conducting Membrane and Separators

4. Electrolytes

5. Supercapacitors - EDLC to Hybrid Devices

6. Batteries - Li-ion and beyond...

7. Modelling, Simulations, Thermal and Battery Management Systems

8. Energy Policies & LCA Studies

9. Fabrication and Industrial Applications

10. New technologies based on chemical, thermal and mechanical energy storage

There would be Plenary and Invited Talks as well as Contributory - Oral and Poster Presentations by scientists working in these areas.

Introducing Academia Industria Conclave

For conference related queries feel free to reach out us at:

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